X WordPress Theme Extensions Series – Introduction

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http://hottipscentral.com/getx Well hello there internet! Charlie here with another video for you, introducing you to a new series I’d like to start here on the channel called the “X Extensions Series,” which will show detailed looks at the various extensions that Themeco offers for their awesome WordPress theme, X.

LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS and let me know which Extension you’d like to see first, or leave several in the order you’d like them covered. Keep in mind I’m also aiming to look at alternatives to these Extensions as well, to give a well rounded look at not just the plugins themselves, but the best way of achieving the overall goal and purpose for these extensions.

Cornerstone has been covered in pretty decent depth already (although I do need an updated video for it). I’ve also already covered Content Dock and Slider Revolution, so these are already complete and won’t need another look at this time.

Content Dock was looked at here:…

8 thoughts on “X WordPress Theme Extensions Series – Introduction

  1. My vote is for Essential Grid. Personally I would like to see the more complex extensions tackled first, as some of them are fairly simple to operate, and some are more complex and need some explaining :)

  2. Welcome back, Charlie. I'm very much looking forward to your expertise. I would like to see your impressions about Layer Slider, Soliloquy vs Slider Revolution. Perhaps explain the pros and cons of each. Thanks!

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