X Theme 4.0 WordPress UPDATE – Visual Composer Being Killed

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http://hottipscentral.com/getx The X Theme for WordPress has been updated to 4.0, and with it, a huge bundle of changes! Check out this video for all the info, and click the link here in the description to get X for yourself!

Using our links to get the theme helps the channel, and is a great way to get something you want, while also supporting us at no extra cost!

In the near future, I’ll have a lot of videos showing you tips and tricks with Cornerstone, and addressing some of the more difficult tasks involved with using the builder.

As always, if you’d like, feel free to share your thoughts in a comment below, and request new videos as well. I can’t promise anything, but if enough people want to know something, I’ll see what I can do.

You can get X for your own website here: http://hottipscentral.com/getx

FOR ALL THEME SPECIFIC SUPPORT QUESTIONS (“how do I get this to work?”) please consult the developers directly for free support. I do not do free support for third-party…

27 thoughts on “X Theme 4.0 WordPress UPDATE – Visual Composer Being Killed

  1. I just want to say When you said you need to subscribe I thought okay lets subscribe. I like your content this is number one reason I subscribed but if you did not say subscribe I might be not subscribed. I just realised that and wanted to share. By the way I bought the x theme :)

  2. this would be my first experience with a visual type editor. finding a lack of shall we say the population of some choices within the attribute area of the editor. what I mean by this is for example when you have a place where you can enter a class I'm not sure why we don't have a drop down menu offering the classes that exist. also if you use a feature box you will notice that that beautiful icon that you can select that is animated that you know is going to draw the attention of the site visitor you cannot link. this is extremely disappointing.

  3. Hey! Could you make a tutorial on how to create awesome looking forms, like those big ones on landing pages and simple ones for "Contact" pages? That would be great! Really enjoy your tutorials.

  4. Thank you so much for these videos!!! I have been debating this theme for a while and decided to install it today! So far, its been super easy to navigate and get going with my very limited developer knowledge. I need something that I can customize myself and that actually looks fab for my business. Thanks again!

  5. can i use X to build a marketplace?I would like to make a marketplace for renting things! Are there any built in availability calendar? can users  search by available date of a product?

  6. You can add all your custom ID, Class and Style tags within each element/selection pane by clicking the cider button at the bottom (middle icon in the same tray as 'save') and turning on 'Adv Controls.' 

    Great videos! I look forward to the next ones!

  7. Cornerstone is still a long way from Thrive Content Builder. You could do a "versus" review of both. Could be pretty popular, they both have aff programs.

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