WPMU Dev Membership Plugin Review

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WPMU Dev Membership Plugin Review

The Magic Members plugin is a WordPress plugin which includes multiple features. The plugin is met to be an easy membership feature which allows the user to have multiple membership levels. These levels include; Silver, Gold and Platinum. For users who have membership sites, they will be able to control different levels of the membership site such as a download area. This feature has the ability to increase the number of memberships a user has. The plugin also has the ability to turn an existing blog into a membership site.
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  1. Those people take weeks to respond to your complaints about the errors in their products, and then refuse to give you a refund. I lost 99$ with them and got absolutely nothing!

    In other words, paying to get WPMUdev plugins is not different at all from joining their support team just to fix the infinite amount of bugs in their plugins.

    NEVER pay a penny for them! There are many honest detailed reviews that prove this.

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