WpLinkGate Plugin Review – Link Gate WordPress Plugin

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LinkGate is the WordPress plugin that allows you to create a wide variety of eye-catching pop-ups that only appear when your reader clicks a link. From “Click here for more information”, to a fully functional opt-in pop-up form, LinkGate WordPress Plugin is the answer to your engagement issues.

Now you can make any link open a pop-up window, which not only gives you an easy way to pass important information to your readers, but when used with an opt-in form, can actually increase your opt-in rates.

LinkGate is just what I’ve been looking for to help add useful, on-click pop-up messages and opt-in forms to my site.

I understand I’ll get:

The easy-to-install WordPress plugin with usage guide.
Unlimited pop-up messages I can use anywhere on my site, including in blog posts, on sales pages and more.
The ability to use it with any email system to create compelling opt-in…

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