WP E-commerce Shipping USPS

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How do I set up the WP E-Commerce plugin so it will automatically calculate shipping to anywhere in the world using the United States Postal Service (USPS) API.


Bonus: How to add the Media MAil option to WP E-Commerce plugin for USPS on WordPress.

If you have questions about this, please use my contact form on my website. Thanks.


  1. Hi, I think you did a great job!  I cannot get my WP site with woocommerce since it says "no shipping methods available – please check…" Ithink using what you have shown is what I need.  I guess ecommerce needs a "pluging" to ship.  Oh well I will just add shipping to each product and Free Shipping.

  2. I have another question with WP E Commerce.  When charging California Sales Tax, there isn't any tax for APO's and intrastate shipping, but there is tax for those buying who live in California. I can only find one Sales Tax rate for all states, which is wrong.  

  3. I've been trying to get a hold of someone at USPS since LAST Monday. I have LITERALLY spent 3 hours per day on hold. Has anyone found another plugin that will work, without have to have it validated?

  4. Hi Jason, for some reason my USPS calculator is still not working. Also, when I click on all of the select services, package, parcel, then click update, it removes everything I have updated. I'm not sure if it is a WP problem or not. Any suggestions on who to contact to get this problem fixed?

  5. HI Jason. I hope you can help me. I'm not sure what kind of shipping I need, but my manufacturer ships by weight and zip code. I can't seem to find the one you are displaying. Any suggestions? Help!!


  6. So I'm using the most recent version of Word Press and e-Commerce and my shipping settings screen does not look anything like the one you show in this video? I can't get my USPS shipping to work at all. VERY frustrating! HELP!

  7. Solution was just to deactivate e-commerce. I think it might not be compatible with MyStile them or I am doing something wrong. Either way thank you very much it was a very informative video.

  8. Can I just say "I love you Jason!!" …. this plugin has been the most frustrating things I have ever had to program into a website and your video took me out of my misery. Thank you for this great tool. You are a prince….

  9. Jason, thanks for this. Wondering if you know if it's possible to add a fixed additional fee on top of the rate that USPS comes up with so that my client can account for boxes, tape, labor, whatever…basically so they can cover their shipping and make a buck or two. Best approach to doing this? Thanks,

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