WP Clickster WordPress Site Setup Done in less than 10 Seconds

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What would it feel like to be able to crank out sites within SECONDS…Now, you can move 50 times faster than your competition with this huge time saver plugin


  1. I'll check this out on my PC. I Need 2 set up a web site or blog & WP Clickster tell me it might make all of this easier 2 tackle. problem not tech savvy & need 2 now subscription Cost & WP cost, as well as software cost. B4 I burn up my data on my Droid, I'm going over 2 UTube via PC 2 watch the video. I didn't grow up in this technology, but I'm trying 2 learn it very quickly. I'm sitting on top of a National story on a fixed income. Any suggestion would B helpful.

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