WordPress Widget Options Tutorial (Part 3) – The Title and Stuff

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In this short series we’re going to cover how to add some options to a WordPress widget, use those options to submit data, and then use that data to do some stuff.

This will not be a tutorial for beginners, so please check out some of my older tutorials before hand.

In this part I will be showing you what you can expect from this series.

Video by Austin Gregory of AwfulMedia.com

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What are arrays?

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  1. This series was pretty helpful, but I feel like there was some stuff left out. Can you give us an update or something? Can you elaborate on what $this->get_field_X('text') does?

    Is it possible for me to save data in a multidimensional array? For example, if I wanted to allow the user to save an arbitrary amount of dates in to $instance under a single tag ($instance['dates'][x] for x=1..n n=natural, for instance (heh).) 

    Thanks, and great vids on wp widgets. Subbed.

  2. i love your videos, that's really helping me building my first wordpress site .. 
    i wanna to widgetize my wordpress theme. can you mention that in your next tutorials please ? :)

  3. Third, I failed to insert the code "previous posts" and "new posts" function. They don't work. I am not sure what I am missing. Please make a short video for this if you have time. =) Thank you so much.

  4. The second problem that Im facing is that, How can I make a video pop up window without installing a plugin? For example, if we are making a theme for sell, how can we ask the users to install a plugin? So, I want to use coding rather than plugins.

  5. Hi, I encounter few problems. Please help~
    So, I'm making a background slider.
    style="background-image: url(' blah blah blah ')"
    I want to know the function for getting the post's featured image display so that I can put it into the url(' ').
    I cannot find the function that work for this code. Please help.

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