WordPress vs Blogger Blogging Platforms Comparison

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Video Transcription

Hey, there. This is Brad from FirstSiteGuide.com. In this video, we’ll be comparing WordPress.com and Blogger.com; two free online blogging platforms. I will go through some of the reasons to use them, as well as the potential downsides. Let’s get started.

As I mentioned in the intro, both WordPress.com and Blogger.com are free online blogging platforms that allow you to publish your own posts and pages. I’ll go ahead and show you examples of both, and then we’ll go through a couple of pros and cons. I’ll also give you our overall recommendation.

When using WordPress.com, you’ll be shown this page where you’ll click to create your website, and then walked through setting up your account. You’ll be given a free blog similar to this one, with the ability to change your theme, add posts and pages. Your URL will be a subdomain on the WordPress.com domain. So it will be your-blog-name.wordPress.com.

As for Blogger.com, the service is run through…

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