WordPress U-DESIGN Theme Complete Tutorial and How To:

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In this video I will describe the customization options and how to work with the U-Design WordPress Theme. The theme offers beautiful Responsive Layouts and great shortcodes and options.
This video is a complete tutorial where i go in depth from theme installation to customization
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12 thoughts on “WordPress U-DESIGN Theme Complete Tutorial and How To:

  1. Asad, do you know how to remove / hide the Featured Image from posts in U-design? I want to keep the thumbnail, just remove the featured image from showing up top on my posts/

  2. Hello Asad,

    Thank you for your wonderful tutorials. Nice indepth one too.
    Do you have suggestions on how I can fix my issue of the submit form.
    This my clients site.

    In November I added BigContact Plug in to give the feature of setting appointment for consultation feature.
    After installation and testing it seemed fine. At some point it stopped working and there was no indication
    that it was having issues. I also did not think to check the form randomly sending request via submit form.
    A good lesson. As the saying goes 'on the job training.'

    I do know that its not a plug in issue because I have it on another site and its still working there.
    To make sure we don't miss any more prospects I changed it back Mid Jan.
    putting it back to the contact us page in built with the theme.
    those the message says submitted successfully my client is not receiving.
    for testing purposes I added myself as one of the recipients I get the form but she is not getting any requests
    what can I do to fix it.

    This is the url for the website: http://www.ishahatayogala.com

    Thank you for your time.


  3. thanks so much …. but i have litle problem
    In my U-Design Option Page : Font Setting, Custom Colour, Portofolio Section, Conten Page, Statistic, Footer Option is Off i can't use that … how i repair this problem …. ??? thanks so much before …

  4. Hi Asad, I purchased the uDesign Theme while ago and now I'm watching your instructions here. But when it comes to the "demo content", I can't find it on the support site. Do you have a link to get the Demo Content by any chance? Thanks in advance.

  5. Hey thanks for the videos , have been really helpfull for me. I am working with betheme eaither.
    I would like to ask you something about it. I have journalist demo and what i am trying to do is to change color of the background menu, coz when i scroll down it dissapears coz its now transparent. I have been trying on theme option—- colors but nothing seen to change. Thanks Asad Siddiqi

  6. Thank you Asad for the U-Design theme walk through. It's a really nice overview of the theme, touching on some of its great features. One hour is certainly not enough to cover all, but you did an awesome job. I appreciate that you offer your services to people who might need customizations or help with building their website with the U-Design theme.
    In addition I would like to add that the page/post width could be set globally for the entire site as well as individually regardless of what the global width settings are. The header, main container, bottom and footer sections could easily be removed on per page/post basis as well, and much more…


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