WordPress Tutorial – How to Setup the Atahualpa Theme Part 1/6

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This is a step-by step tutorial series on how to setup the free Atahualpa Theme (version 3.4.9). I will show you how to strip it down so you are at a good starting point for any type of website you decide to design.

In later tutorials, I will show you how to add elements to the theme to customize to the way you want it.


  1. I just wanted to let you know that I gave you a "shout out" in my new video about why I use this theme. I'll post it as a video response so you can see. Thanks again for these tutorials! I probably couldn't have built my sites without them!!

  2. I am trying to install a mobile detect script on my clients Atahualpa site, tried to install it in the header.php file were it goes in 95% of all other WP sites, but it breaks the main site up, also tried to install it in functions.php with the same outcome any ideas on this ?

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