WordPress Tutorial – How to Add Posts and Pages in WordPress – WordPress Tutorial Video

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http://www.honeyandthemoon.co.uk – Welcome to our WordPress tutorial. This video is a short WordPress tutorial on how you can make the most of your WordPress website and WordPress theme by adding new WordPress posts and WordPress pages. The beauty of WordPress is that you once the initial theme is in place, you can modify it to your heart’s content!

So this is a short WordPress Pages tutorial and a WordPress post tutorial for beginners ideally or anyone that is interested in getting to know WordPress.

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  2. Video on how to do that from WP dashboard is on my Channel.

    If u don't want to change admin but just want your name to show, add your name as a New User. When you're on post/page you're writing, you pick ur name as Author.

    If you don't see place to select Author (under where you write your content) then:

    While you are in "Add New Page/Post" go to top & click drop down menu for "Screen Options. Click "Author" & option will show up under content box.

    ~ darlene 🙂

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