wordpress tutorial hindi #01 – Overview

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WordPress tutorials in hindi an overview

26 thoughts on “wordpress tutorial hindi #01 – Overview

  1. Dear Sir, I was looking for this for the past one month. Thanks.I have come to know about this from one of my friend and now after watching your tuto  I would also like to get into this, with your helping hands. Please guide me how to start wordpress, I would like to make this as my profession.

  2. thanku sir for this tutorial, i want t ask u a qiuestion , i make  a simple web by wordpress , where i hv to save this web if i dont want to run? n how can start another web by wordpress becouse there is no any option for new web, when i type just "localhost" my same website coming on the page.  what i have to do sir can u sugest me. please reply me or msg me your contect no ,  so i can directly call you. thank you so much
    my no. is . 09785578960.

  3. नमस्कार, यह तो बहुत ज्ञान वर्धक है. मै भी इससे पूरा लाभ लेना चाहुंगा.

  4. Dear Prashant gupat ji.. i want to subscribe for paid version WordPress Tutorial so how to do that.. your videos are too good. and i learn may thing.. please uploads videos based on PHP frame work like zend , yii , Cake PHp… thank u so much..  

  5. If you go through all these tutorials you should be able to get the necessary knowledge. In case you want to learn in detail including creating an online shop/store then you will have to opt for our paid tutorial set which is a complete course for learning wordpress.

  6. I am a web developer and I just recorded some video tutorials for the use of wordpress. It definitely is the most complete wordpress training of 2013. go to my channel and find the link I posted for this training

  7. धन्यवाद।
    Plugins का इस्तेमाल करके dynamic website भी बना सकते हैं । आप किस प्रकार का website बनाना चाहते हैं अगर इसकी जानकारी दें तो मैं कुछ और सुझाव दे सकता हूँ।

  8. Dear Mr Suri,
    In case your website has been created using wordpress then you can make all changes as required. Please go through my tutorials which gives you complete know how. However if it has been done on some other platform then the learning curve is high and you may have to take help of the person who designed and developed the site for you.

  9. Prashant Gupta Ji, I have seen today your one video No.11 and you have done a very good job while explaining in a very simple way. I have recently get made one 5 pages website [ domain name yet to be purchased ] actually prepared by one Indian company but I don't know how to change the text, insert images and videos etc.[company has given e the admin and password] Now please guide can I make changes in my website in a right way to learn more Awaiting your reply, .Regards-vijay suri

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