WordPress Simple Download Monitor Plugin Usage

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This is a usage video for the simple download monitor plugin

Simple Download Monitor

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9 thoughts on “WordPress Simple Download Monitor Plugin Usage

  1. Be careful with this plugin ..After a month i got this error when i click on Download now "Error! This download item (100) does not have any download link. Edit this item and specify a downloadable file URL for it."

  2. Thank you so much for this! Spent all day adding different plugins and deleting until I finally saw this video. Thank you. Also, do you know how you would make the pdf open in a new window? Thanks.

  3. Great plugin. Thanks for the video.

    I missed one part and it took me a while to find out:

    What to do when you want to place more downloads on one page?
    – when you make the new download you find 2 shortcodes on this page: 1 for the downloadcounter and 1 for the download itself
    – copy the shortcode for each download and combine them one your page!

    As I said: great plugin!

  4. Thaks for this really useful plugin. I was looking for a plugin that could manage all my downloads. I was unable to make a separate category just for the downloads with the existing plugins I had. Now I will be able to do that. :)

  5. Hi, thank you for a really lovely plugin, easy to use and works perfectly.
    I would love it if I had the option to change the button text and for the pdf(link) to open in a new tab, is that possible? I tried changing line 75 in sdm_fancy1. php for the link and line 53 first part of the string- but no changes was made. Hope you can help, I really love this plugin :)

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