WordPress SEO – How to Make Your Site Rank Higher in Google – by @todmaffin

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So you have a WordPress site. But are you at the top of Google? No? Here’s how you can be. No tricks, no sales. Just 100% tactics..

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49 thoughts on “WordPress SEO – How to Make Your Site Rank Higher in Google – by @todmaffin

  1. Question: There is a URL that I want to buy but it's super expensive because it has a huge SEO/Traffic Key Wording… People google this phrase a lot. But they want $2,500 for it.

    What if I buy the same thing but put my name on the end or another word so I can basically buy the same URL for cheaper. Will this get me a lot of traffic?

  2. I noticed for the Key words when you were doing Tiny Pugs, you only put in 1 phrase or 2 words. I always thought we should put as many as we can that are actually on the page that apply to this page?

    So we only do 1 word or 1 phrase per page?


  3. Tod, your generosity will serve you well! Many thanks. I have 2 websites and am just on the brink of promotion. I just started using the "All-in-One SEO" plugin, but think I will now switch to Yoast. See I have a bit of work yet before promotional launch. Glad I saw this video first. Again, appreciate the awesome professional help! God bless.

  4. Thank you so much! I have just started blogging about digital media. I have a journalism background and so most of the writing for humans stuff is basic to us. But the technical stuff is not. So my blog is about digital media freebies-at a very beginner level. I used to be a technophobe-wouldn't dare to click on something in case it crashed but each day I am getting better and so figured there are other people like me. My next post is tomorrow(Tuesday) and I am going to refer to you, although usually when I send a courtesy shout-out there is no response. Guess I am too small for them to bother about.

  5. This is one of the best videos I've seen with regard to Google Ranking in a longtime! Thanks for the great tools and awesome walk through!! Thanks so much Tod! Fantastic!!

  6. LOL. Went to check out the Moz webinar, and the page took forever to load. I finally abandoned the effort after several minutes. Your video was very helpful though. New follower!!

  7. This video is meant for people who already have a website and know how to do SEO already. I haven't even started to build my website yet let along purchased a domain name because I know absolutely nothing about SEO or how to write content that will make my website rank on google in the first place. I know 0 about SEO and I tried reading the SEO for dummies book but it was very confusing and an overload of information. Do you have a video that could help someone like me? I really need to get my website going and I know how to build and code the website I just need help with the SEO part of it. Help would be appreciated.

  8. Hi Tod,

    Just a quick 'thank you' for taking the time to make and post this; most helpful.

    Yoast 'auto suggest' appears to no longer available.

    Cahing, Image Size and Info on using shared servers in terms of site loading times and speed.

    Really enjoyed the presentation and do please keep us updated.



  9. pingdom is not an accurate tool, I tested my site 3 times in 5 minutes and got different results every time, nothing was altered on the site between tests.

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