WordPress Permalink Structure – SEO Friendly URL’s

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  2. Sorry, the image is blurry, I cannot read the text that is supposed to be placed in the 'custom structure' I;m a newb as well so that doesnt help. Would you mind replying with what is to be typed in there? Would be mu ch appreciated.

    I often find youtube videos hard to read text, too blurry

  3. Not at all. Simply put a 301 redirect on your URL's that you've changed. By doing this you're letting the search engines know where you've moved your link.

    Plus since you're using WordPress you can use a plugin to do this, especially if you don't know much about changing your htaccess files.

    I would recommend these plugins (they can be found in the WordPress Plugin Directory):

    – Redirection
    – Simple 301 Redirects

  4. but will you lose traffic traffic, if you change the structure
    a prominent WP person wrote this:
    Once you get your site indexed in the search engines and start gaining inbound links, you
    would destroy your traffic in an instant by changing your permalink structure so take the time
    to get it right the first time.


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