WordPress. How To Configure Multilanguage Website Using WPML Plugin

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This tutorial shows how configure Multilanguage WordPress site using WPML plugin.
Timing: 0:30 add language https://youtu.be/oxKaBr5utv8?t=3s
1:37 display the language in WP menu https://youtu.be/oxKaBr5utv8?t=1m37s
5:05 translation for theme is missing https://youtu.be/oxKaBr5utv8?t=5m6s
5:15 upload .mo and .po files https://youtu.be/oxKaBr5utv8?t=5m15s
6:45 edit translation options https://youtu.be/oxKaBr5utv8?t=6m45s
7:39 translate pages https://youtu.be/oxKaBr5utv8?t=7m39s
10:05 sync menus https://youtu.be/oxKaBr5utv8?t=10m5s
12:22 slider and other elements are missing from home page https://youtu.be/oxKaBr5utv8?t=12m22s
12:30 add appropriate posts and custom posts https://youtu.be/oxKaBr5utv8?t=12m30s
15:03 set translations for widgets https://youtu.be/oxKaBr5utv8?t=15m3s

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3 thoughts on “WordPress. How To Configure Multilanguage Website Using WPML Plugin

  1. Hi, will this plugin allow me to permanently change the languages (theme and all plugins) without having to switch/change this on the landing site? In my case, all of my content is in Norwegian, but the plugins are in English, making the website a bit chaotic. I would like for everything to be in Norwegian as default. Cheers

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