WordPress Favicon – How To Properly Create & Integrate WordPress Favicons | WP Learning Lab

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WordPress Favicon – How To Properly Create & Integrated WordPress Favicons | WP Learning Lab

In this tutorial you will learn how to properly create a WordPress Favicon. In case you aren’t familiar with Favicon, it is the tiny picture in the browser tab beside a website’s name.

The reason you add favicon is usually to extend the website identity or website brand. So let’s get into how to add favicon.

Many WordPress themes have favicon support, but not all of them. To check if your theme does support them go to Appearance, then Theme Options to see all of the options for your theme. You should see options to do with the website logo. That would be the section that contains the favicon options if they exist. Some themes also have a separate Favicon section inside the theme options.

Inside those options there will be instructions on how to change favicon WordPress. If your theme doesn’t have those…

One thought on “WordPress Favicon – How To Properly Create & Integrate WordPress Favicons | WP Learning Lab

  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial! Before I was using a cheap favicon plugin and the results were not as good as following this video. I have only one little problem that kind of irritates me with my favicon. On my 'youtube channel art' I have a link to my site. The favicon that appears beside that link is tiny. It looks like crap compared to the favicon of all the other links beside it. Do you know how I can make the favicon appear the correct size on my youtube channel art? (original favicon is 328×328) Thanks in advance! :)

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