WooCommerce/WordPress digital content sales with DRM using FlickRocket

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This video shows how to obtain, install and use the FlickRocket WooCommerce Plugin to set up and sell digital DRM controlled products via WordPress/WooCommerce. It explains how to use the Sandbox environment for testing and shows how the content is consumed.

FlickRocket supports video, audio, ebook (ePub), PDF, HTML5, images and more as secure content.

For more information about FlickRocket see www.flickrocket.com.

To download the FlickRocket WooCommerce Plugin go to https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-digital-content-delivery-with-drm-flickrocket/.

For a detailed guide how to use the FlickRocket WooCommerce Plugin see https://www.flickrocket.com/en/woocommerce-extension.

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