Woocommerce WordPress Tutorial – How to add products, edit products & create variable products

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A tutorial for the WordPress ecommerce plugin Woocommerce from http://goldilocksmarketing.co.uk. How to add simple products, how to add variable products and how to change your shipping class.

This how to video, by Becca from UK-based Goldilocks Marketing, uses a demo website to give you a practical overview of how to add and edit your ecommerce website in WordPress. It assumes you already have a WordPress website set up with Woocommerce installed and you now want to edit it.

A beginners’ guide that shows you how to add and edit simple and variable products including: title, short and long descriptions, category, tags, size & colour variations, images and delivery charges.

2 thoughts on “Woocommerce WordPress Tutorial – How to add products, edit products & create variable products

  1. A quick update regarding that whole ecommerce variations edit mess… I could be wrong, but I think they fixed it with the latest woocommerce update.. could you please update yours if its not already and see how you go?  Ive gone through hell and back recently, but I'm sure as to whats fixed it, me disabling most of my plugins, or me updating woocommerce 🙂  Too tired to find out now at 3:25 am :)

  2. Great job on the video, well explained and superbly video edited.

    I have one major problem when coming back to an existing product that has variations, and I add new variations.  After adding the new attributes, and then go to variations, it has added the new attributes as "Any….", as opposed to the proper new attributes for that category… Its driving me insane because I have many different variations that are just fine, but now I have to manually delete all the "Any… " (Example: Any Reveal Linings, as opposed to Reveal Linings: 100mm Prime Wood)
    Is this a woocommerce variations bug?

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