WooCommerce tutorial (Part 9) – How to Change the WooStore Footer Links

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In this video we show you how to change the WooStore links in the footer of the theme. By default, links to WordPress and WooThemes will display in the footer of most WooCommerce themes. You’ll likely want to change the footer links so they go to pages on your own site. To change the WooStore footer links you’ll need to make slight modifications to the “footer.php” file in the WordPress admin. This video shows you how to make those changes.

If you find this video helpful then check out our tutorial series on “How to build a professional eCommerce site with WordPress, WooCommerce and the WooStore theme”. You’ll find the entire WooCommerce series on the UploadWP.com “WordPress Theme Tutorials” page.

See full playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLb_9CO685F8NBmj9KDyNwfXtMf0y3JXnQ

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9 thoughts on “WooCommerce tutorial (Part 9) – How to Change the WooStore Footer Links

  1. Hey Adam – loving the videos. Just one question, should I use a child scheme and make those changes? I saw you changed woostore files, will changes be overwritten if there is any update by woostore?

  2. I've read somewhere on the WordPress site that if you're using WordPress and Woocommerce you're required to have powered by WordPress standing there somewhere on your site in a readable font… now I don't really care if you have it or not and I'm not a WordPress Nazi but if your store gets really popular in you don't have that displayed you could get into some trouble with WordPress.

  3. Depending on what theme you use you can do this without editing and php files. For instance if you are using MYSTILE all you have to do is go to mystile>Theme Options>Footer Customization. Scroll down and check the box Enable Custom Footer (Right) then enter custom text into the box and click save changes. EASY PEASY!

  4. Hi Victoria – I created the image for the footer link with Photoshop. To link to pages in the footer of your site do the following… Go to WooStore > Theme Options > Footer Customization > in the Custom Text Right box paste in your HTML. Please contact me via UploadWP.com and I'll give you the code to paste in. Thanks, Adam

  5. Where did you create your image, using what tool? Also I followed you steps to change the about us, and I was unable to see it o my page. Any suggested further steps? Also can you do a vid showing how to edit the footers. Like adding pages to the footer.

  6. Very helpful videos I'm learning loads from you.
    However while following your instructions I discovered an easier way to change the footer image into text.In your appearance editor you simply delete part of the woothemes.png file name (i deleted the g off the end) so it then cannot find the image.Then where it says Alt="woothemes" you replace the woothemes with Us or what ever word you like.It will now be a text link rather than an image link.

  7. Hey Adam – loving the videos, very helpful and easy to follow. Was able to successfully setup my store right along with the vids. 2 questions: Do you think you could do a video on taxonmy and advanced product and category topics (like setting up a store which sells multiple types of products)? And is it possible to fine tune the layout of my site without getting into the CSS? I really just want to display more products on my page & less sidebar.

    Thanks again for the videos.

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