Wix 2016 review

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This WIX 2016 review is a review from the eyes of a WordPress guy. I love WordPress however, I realize that WordPress isn’t for everyone. Most small businesses that want to build their own website will do fine with a WIXwebsite.

WIX is search engine friendly, mobile friendly, and easy to set up even for a newbie.

5 thoughts on “Wix 2016 review

  1. Great tutorial, dude!
    How does it work if I already have my own domain name and existing website with another web host. I'm looking to build a new website anyway, but I guess I want to know how to use the existing domain name with Wix. You mentioned an upgrade in your tutorial. Does that include a one-off or annual fee? How does the Wix hosting work?
    Also, does Wix have the capability to sync changes that are made between web and mobile versions of the website, or would changes need to be made separately to the web version and then the mobile version?

  2. last time i looked wix wasnt mobile friendly as in much as not responsive. ultimately you are updating desktop and mobile ie duplicating. also i have serious questions about SEO friendly. its getting there but way off wordpress.

  3. I am a graphic designer and my client is a singer and wants a website that is professional and trying to get her name out and wants to make it her official website what would you recommend I'm a beginner of a graphic designer

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