Windows 7 Folder Options tutorial and tweaks

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Learn how to change the folder options in Windows 7 to tweak it to your liking or computer usage needs.

You can change your folder options in Windows 7 by going to your startmenu and typing folder options.

You can change how you browse, click on folders and files with your mouse, and the navigations pane setings in the General Tabs.

In the view tab, I recommend you

uncheck “Always show icon, never thumbnail”

Select show hidden files, folders and drives

uncheck “hide empty drives in computer folder

hide file extensions for known file types”

check Use checkboxs to select items, so it will be easier for you to select items with your mouse.

In the search tab, you can leave alone since it is fine as is if you rarely use search, but if you use search a lot in Windows 7. It is worth customizing.

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  1. I think you can right click the folder with your mouse, and go to view, and change the view setting like lists, detail, and big icons on the view menu in the right click menu.

  2. If I want different display options for different folders, how do you make that happen? By default, if I change how one folder is being displayed, the same changes are idiotically applied to every folder.

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