What is WordPress and Why use it? – Quick Tutorial

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In this Video Tutorial for beginners, learn step by step on how to create a blog and use WordPress to design your web page. We will be using the best web design software on the market, WordPress, to make and customize our beautiful website. We will provide you with all the themes, the file and the code. No coding experience is required, and we’ll teach you how to design your WordPress website easily and quickly.

What will we be learning?

You will be given a quick overview of WordPress. You will be learning on the different features and benefits such as the flexibility and simplicity of using WordPress as your content management system. It is important that you understand first what WordPress is all about to able to maximize its features in using it as your web design software.

What are its benefits?

WordPress exceeds any other web design softwares in that it is easy to use and very flexible. It allows you to customize your web page in any way…

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