What is a Shortcode in WordPress and how do you use them?

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Kori Ashton from WebTegrity will walk you through how to use shortcodes and how to make them active in your sidebar. Check out these great tips!

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Find the full article: http://webtegrity.com/our-blog/wordpress-wednesday/shortcode-wordpress/


  1. I seem to get more confused as I go along. Is CSS the only thing we can modify? What if I want to add a menu and a greeting to the top of the page? For example, I'd like to take the greeting at the top of this theme: https://wordpress.org/themes/bueno/ and the menu on the left of the top line of this theme: https://wordpress.org/themes/merlin/ and add them to the top line of this theme: https://wordpress.org/themes/enigma/ I have been watching vids on Child Themes, etc., but they also seem to only allow for making CSS changes, not adding features to a theme. I have looked at the code for both Bueno and Merlin and I understand the element I want, but in Chrome, I can't copy the code in the bottom box, only the CSS code in the box on the right. What am I not understanding? I'm spending a lot of time going nowhere trying to figure out how to do things: Do I use a child theme? Shortcodes? A plugin(s)?

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