Visual Composer for WordPress – Learn the Basics

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36 thoughts on “Visual Composer for WordPress – Learn the Basics

  1. Hi, Great tutorial, so the first minutes when you are doing the drag and drop from one site to the other, this would be equivalent of content blocks? My question is because I want to move from siteorigin page builder to VC and have pages from theme with a lot of shortcodes and content blocks, so trying to understand if the content block is possible and similar here? Thank you very much!

  2. Some reason list night while posting images to my friends portfolio page. Her Visual Composer wasn't working on post and pages. On top of that the Gallery Page got messed up.

    Do I ask her to upgrade to the new Visual Component or is the version she had since 2014 perfect (version 3.7.4)

  3. Update: Not good! I don't know if it's this plugin or another plugin causing issues, but I'm just running into one problem after another. What theme with Parallax do you recommend that's not hard to learn and allows you to edit font sizes and colors?

  4. i bought a the theme on called itsme and it included the visual composer plugin like you describe here. when i go to use it, it does not look like you have in this video on your screen. i am specifically referring to the screen you are showing on the 3:00 minute mark of this video. is there something i am doing wrong or not understanding that will make it so i can follow you in this video?

  5. Congrats on a great video tutorial Kori..I have been watching your different playlists all day and did not get bored so kudos to your teaching ability..
    I had 1 quick question though
    Visual composer had the option of rev slider so even if i do not buy rev slider then will the rev slider feature of visual composer still work?

    Thanking you in anticipation.

  6. the version one gets "free" with a theme is so severely gutted it hardly is the same program. (Installed a new theme with it and less than an hour later got a plugin alert to update VP…to the paid version…with is funny since part of the cost of the theme was for the plugin)

    but the question I have is where is the undo/go back button? want to apply some of these to an existing page but if I mess up then what…. and themes do not have save as options to save a duplicate page to work on. Is there a undo button?


  7. Thank you so much for your video (which is why I purchased VC). 🙂 One question though – how do I change the header area of my Enterprise pro theme to completely remove the header and make it look like a true landing page? I can't seem to figure out how to do this.

  8. A simple thing I hope. I've just started working with a new theme that came with Visual Editor. A few of previously used editors no-longer seem to be available, primarily WP Edit. I just want to be able to easily change font, size, colors, Headings, etc. At 4:56 sec in your video I see you have many more editing tools and it looks like WP Edit? Is that the case or do you have another editor plugin that your using too, with Visual Editor?
    Well done tutorial! Thanks

  9. I've tried searching for this answer on google, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask here. I'm pretty new to VC and website building in general, I was wondering how to create a homepage with a full screen autoplayed video.. if that makes sense. Do you know if this is possible?

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