Update Theme, Plugins and WordPress Core – 2016

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How to update your WordPress theme, plugins and core software without losing any changes and using a neat plugin for automatic updates.

One thought on “Update Theme, Plugins and WordPress Core – 2016

  1. Awesome video as always, Greg! But yes, I would like to know more about child themes, how to create, work with them, keep them while updating the WordPress and the theme itself without losing any modifications. From what I know, it's fairly easy to create a child theme since it's just a code copied from WordPress.org, but then it's empty. When you edit your brand new theme the settings will be saved just in the active child theme and the parent theme is intact, and when we update it the child theme keeps the changes every single time? I ask these from a novice point of view, while making a new blog, because if we don't know any code it's harder to copy changes from .css and .php and them copy back like you said in the end of the video. Thank you!

    Also, you said to check if the blog didn't break. How should we backup the blog to know we don't lose anything after updates or changes?

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