Tutorial how to add a form to a woocommerce product

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Visual Form Builder

11 thoughts on “Tutorial how to add a form to a woocommerce product

  1. @Hweiling Lim.
    I use the "WooCommerce Product Add-ons" Plugin for the File Upload. 

    If they buy the product without submitting the form? Great they bought the Product!
    If they submit the form without adding the product to the cart. Guess then they have a presale question about the product and hope for your reply. And if you have a good reply you mide have a new customer.

    @Jessica Wilcox
    Guess what you like is more related to options about a Product and you can use the Product Addons Plugin to let the Customer choose variations about your Product.

    @Mamukko Kinsale
    Just upload several images to your Product. They will show up when you view Your product.

  2. Hi, may i know how did you make the upload file before the add to cart on the short description? I only able to create drop down by using attribute in woocommerce. 

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