Top 5 WordPress Plugins to Show Related Posts

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1. Related Posts
Link to related content to help your readers. Get attention from other authors. Make great outbound links for SEO. With just a few clicks.
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2. Efficient Related Posts
A related posts plugin that works quickly even with thousands of posts and tags. Can be added automatically to the end of posts.
There is a problem with related posts plugins, and Efficient Related Posts is fixing that by approaching the problem from a different direction and offering a very different solution.
Basically, current related post plugins build the list of related posts on the fly when the user needs to view it. Since blogs tend to be viewed far more often than they are updated, these queries are run way more times than they need to be. This not only wastes CPU cycles, but if the queries are slow then the user gets a poor experience from slow page loads.
Efficient Related Posts moves…

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