TOP 10 3D Printed Creations

**Make sure you check the description to see where the videos came from**

1st Clip: Video Clip from Envato
2nd Clip: Carbon 3D Printer!

10. Walking Gyroscope

9. CNC Multi-Tool Machine

8. Cortex Cast

7. Dodecahedron Speaker

6. Forms In Nature Light
Forms in Nature

5. Toyota Replica Model

4. Local Motors Car

3. Jet Engine (Metal Replica)

2. Protohouse Scaled Model & Jin Hai…

22 thoughts on “TOP 10 3D Printed Creations

  1. I know its been a year but i had to speak my mind , 3d metal printing was out much sooner than the 3d printers we know today SLS vas invented in the 80s and was commercially available in the 2000.
    You probably meant laser deposition welding or something like that.

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