The Myth Of The Magic Pill Of Success- RANT-The Hustler’s MIndset

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  1. I'm glad you made that point about "that guy". I know a few of those "that guy" types. The back stories have included the likes of cashing in on parents huge insurance policies, they won lawsuits, they have rich women or they receive checks from SSI (on the low end) or from being in the military. Great vid. Thanks!

  2. Customer base is important I have 4 sales channels I work hard, 3 online, and 1 local store, used to be 4 stores and 2 online. I've invested a lot of time and effort into those sales channels, and it's to the point now where 50% of what I get moves in the first 24 hours, and rarely do I have anything left after a week. I take smaller margins, but compound 90% within 3-4 days. I know I could start tomorrow with 0, and pay bills by the end of the month. Not because I have channels, but experience

  3. In order to get into the money flow, you have to make it really easy for people to flow to you once they realize you are providing value that they want because it helps them. Make it easy to get paid for excellent products. I used to hate those websites that lured you in with long articles going on and on making the viewer look hard for the credit card form to purchase it. I like direct and quick access, even if it is a donation button to allow me to give some exchange for the value provided.

  4. You put your kids and family first if you get all of your life dynamics in order because then you can flourish and prosper. There is no need to not succeed at all of them. You are only limited by your excuses and how well you use your time. That means less time on TV and killing time, more on actual production. Yes, that probably means starting your own business and actually providing value. Get into exchange with the world by providing what helps others that is truly useful.

  5. Let's not be naive, money is a tool nothing morenothing less. If you live int he US you NEED it. Money provides options and freedom to those with the intellect to know the difference. There are many notable people in history that did not have fiscal wealth, but created intellectual wealth, social wealth, knowledge bases and it took the same level of effort, diligence and HARD WORK to accomplish as making large sums of money. I know a guy who is rich and he always put his family first, always

  6. That is a different take LOL…..buying your education that came from Castlesandattic he has a series of videos on the subject. I made the decision to be of better service to those that care. I know a customer base of 1000 customers a year with a average sale of $125 is a decent living in most parts of the world. I think the experience I have is great, but it takes the right person to enjoy full benefit….it took me a few years to figure that out. Appreciate the comment.

  7. So just because some one doesn't make much money means they did nothing with their life?? What if they put their family,kids etc first before money!?!?

  8. The magic pill is not a myth. It's experience. And I'll be god damned if I would ever give the whole thing away for free. Most of the people making videos on youtube have not been in resale long. I think you called it "buying your education". I told the last person interested, give me 20K and 8 hours a day for 30 days, and I'll show you how to turn it into 40K in 30 days, then I walk with 40K in my pocket,and you can start over. Don't undervalue your experience, product is cheap and plentiful.

  9. i understand you, im interested in the stories and some of tips on this channel, im not really interested in entering the storage auction business. keep makin dat guap

  10. Free is very safe!!! Requires no commitment what-so-ever, one guy I was watching online, said he thinks about 90% of the free stuff offerred in the context of " I just want to help you" but there is a sale button there or a pitch coming soon is crap. So I understand the fear, but I am not going to adopt it. Great comment.

  11. I love the name! Oh there will be tons of stuff going up on the channel, the "spicy" storage auction stories and things that could get FLAGGED are going behind a paywall. The new format will be business, rants and whatever comes to mind, plenty of content just a different topic. Thanks for the message!

  12. Oh man sorry to hear that, some of my videos rub people the other way and they become vindictive. I figured it I saved my best stuff for the people that cared it would go better. Not too mention the flagging thing was pissing me off! Can't flag what you can't see!

    For some business a free sample is the road to a lifelong customer, but when you want the whole cake free and baked on such and such date that is NUTS!

  13. Free is safe, when you ask someone for their hard earned money they are hesitant. I am sure you know that a lot of people that offer these kind of deals are either scammers or hustlers that are out for a quick buck and offer little to no information that is worth much. You may be different but people are hesitant.

  14. I can respect that. I will tell you that I am a view who watches you for the engery and positivity that you have, not necessarily for storage auction information because thats not really my scene so this may be the end of the road for me but I do wish you success.

  15. Couldn't finish the vid right now, had to finish cleaning a ten by ten out I bought over the weekend… In the cold ass rain… Some folks do, some think about doing…

  16. Glendon, there's actually a magic pill to success, but it has very dangerous side effects. Here are the examples: robbery, prostitution posing as an escort, scams, pornography, dishonesty, deceit, winning the lottery, reality shows, murder, violence, intimidation. Side effects: being murdered, prison, diseases, pissed off patrons seeking revenge against you, friends and family turning on you, debt.

  17. Stephen had to stop driveing for dominos because our breaks went out. After seeing how much we made with scrap metal, road side free shit and cleaning 40 years of stuff from his moms house then selling at the Flea market we have decided to not go back. Our tax refund is going to go to buying captial and renting a storage unit as a warehouse and flea market booth. We plan on him quiting his dayjob by his sisters wedding June 28. go sparta ,

  18. P.S. If you haven't already, check out some stuff by Frank Kern (even just his free stuff, haha). He has his fair share of haters, but he also has a ton of stuff to teach if you can learn by example.

  19. I agree, freebie hunters are like crack addicts. It's a huge time suck and cuts super deep into your pockets. I do believe there is a time and place for "free" but you have to use it strategically. I've been in the internet marketing game / ebooks / courses / etc. for a long time and most people never make it to this point. Good video man, good luck to you!

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