The Best Amazon WordPress Plugin review

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Today I am showing you just what the best WordPress plugin (WPZon Builder) for Amazon Affiliates can do.
Instead of taking you through the features and benefits however, I have decided that the only way to show you is to build a complete site from scratch – live!
Watch as I build a fully functioning Amazon niche site in 7 minutes!

15 thoughts on “The Best Amazon WordPress Plugin review

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  5. Fantastic video on WPZon Alex. I stopped actively promoting Amazon products but it's always nice to see some income from just a few blog posts I published on my main site.

    However with this plugin I think it's completely worth it to put at least a couple of very specific niche based sites and throw WPZon on it to see what happens!

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  8. Great review on this !! Your video helped my purchase. Now that I have been using it for a few days, I really wish they had a search tool on the front end.. for price and exact product.

  9. the content is brought in within in iFrame so it is not even seen by Google.
    The plus is that you do NOT have duplicate content issues, the downside is that you actually dont have any content at all! (this is a good thing because creating your own unique and relevant content is KEY to ranking well)

  10. I have a question though, the product review contents are gathered from Amazon itself.. would that mean that you have duplicate contents posted on your website? thanks 🙂

  11. im self tutoring – i recommend this video because reducing your production pipeline is essential for niche building. top job. if anyone knows how to this faster and for free let me know, cheers

  12. I never heard of this before – I have been an Amazon Associate for years and never really did much with it, honestly. Now, I have an easy way to market more of their products! Thanks for the awesome demo!

  13. Nice video. I usually change the title and product descriptions that wp-zon creates, so i don't have duplicate content, and so i don't end up competing with Amazon for the exact keywords in the title. Also, i wouldn't go out and buy a domain name with a brand name contained in it.

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