Stripe Integration Tutorial 1 – Introduction to

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Here we go over briefly what Stripe can do for you and a little bit on how it works.

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18 thoughts on “Stripe Integration Tutorial 1 – Introduction to

  1. man this isn't providing me much information on how to set up that payment stuff i wish there was someone that know's how to do it including strip that can exmplain how to set up how i can charge a payment i dno't understand this is not clear at all i've spetn 4 hr's tryng to figure this out and looking at you tube videos a bunch of fluff and no real value man i need straight talk none of this jargon

  2. Anybody know how to successfully integrate Stripe with Ruby? I have been unable to get out of this error: No API key provided. Set your API key using "Stripe.api_key = <API-KEY>". I have pored over my code for days and hours now and I have made little corrections here and there and it has done absolutely nothing for me to resolve this error. If you would like to help out please review my code at:

  3. Hi There im using Dtripe checkout with the simple form, ive copied the code added my icon etc and put the API key in there. I got someone to test it and it all looked like it went through but doesnt show my end or thiers, does it take a while for the payments to show (this was my first one) also after payment it redirects to another page called mysite/charge so i have just made another page in that name and written "Thank you for your payment" on it, is this all right, or is there something else i should be doing? Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi Anthony,

    I was wondering how would I set up an automatic way of sending a text when a payment is place.

    For instance, the customer would submit his/her phone number with his information, and as soon as it is processed, a text (customized with his/her name) would be sent to the number provided,

    Thanks for your help.

  5. Thanks – I signed up for Stripe and was wondering how to integrate into my site.  Also,  I think I should have https on my site payment page- they don't mention that, but I think it is necessary

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