Smith Publicity Book Marketing/Book Publicity and Reviews: Tips for Author Websites

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An important key to successful book marketing and book publicity is an excellent website to go along with your book. Smith Publicity President, Sandy Smith explains what makes a great author website, how it can showcase media coverage and reviews, and the best website formats.

About Smith Publicity

Each month, thousands of books are written and published traditionally, as e-books, self-published, or published in audiobook format. Competition for media attention is fiercer than ever. So how does a new author stand out and get noticed? How does book marketing for authors produce tangible results and spark book sales? How does fiction book marketing help develop an author fan base?

That’s where Smith Publicity shines. Successful book publicity and book marketing requires a marriage of traditional outreach with online strategies. As technology and media change, staying ahead of the curve is essential for book promotion. Smith Publicity,…

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