Slider Pro Review WordPress Premium Plugin form Web Design in Albuquerque

Video is ready, Click Here to View × Slider Pro Review, WordPress Premium Plugin from bqworks, available at CodeCanyon. Slider Pro is an incredibly feature-rich, robust WordPress Plugin. I have banged my head against the wall for hours with other WordPress Slider plugins, both Premium and Free, and Slider Pro is the best I have found. Easy to work with, its capabilities are only limited by your imagination. I am NOT an affiliate, and no connections with Slider Pro, but the product AND terrific support have been so outstanding, I had to create this review. I hope you will check out Slider Pro from bqworks, at CodeCanyon

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  1. Hello!  Your video indicates that there 21 feature screencasts…I just purchased this product, and only see 3.  Has it changed?  Might you have a link to the 21 videos?  Trying to figure out how to work this plugin, seems like it will be great…once I can figure out how to use it properly!  Thanks for any help!

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