SiteOrigin CSS Plugin Changes Everything

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Watch as we use SiteOrigin’s Custom CSS plugin to change background color, fonts, style and more in the free Vantage WordPress theme.

UPDATE: This works with MANY other themes too as we thought. Let me know if this works for your theme!


  1. if you want to remember what the new css coding does just type [ /* enter notes here / ] (without the brackets) anywhere in the css code. anything written inbetween the / and */ is the syntax for making comments/notes.

    Oh and "cache" is pronounced like "cash" NOT "cash-ay"

  2. Would you suggest creating a child-theme by the new WordPress 2016 best practices and using SiteOrigin CSS to edit the child-theme rather than editing the parent-theme?

  3. I have learned a lot from your videos. I'm trying to make the header section smaller and to even change background colors, but when moving my cursor across the screen or clicking in areas nothing is highlighting or changing like in your video. I have the Vantage theme.

  4. hi
    how can i add a background video clip , in slide position , i try the video plugin from rocked but i dont find where in BO is the place to edit home page

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