Review Update: Cyclone Slider 2 WordPress Plugin

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UPDATED! Awesome New features added to the Cyclone Slider 2 Plugin since my last review include support for videos in your slide shows, and new templates.
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Cyclone Slider 2 Supports:
– Image Slideshows
– Video Slideshows
– Custom HTML Slides
– Multiple Templates
– Slideshow Widgets
– Multiple Transition Effects

If you are looking for a slider plugin for your blog Cyclone Slider 2 is a great choice.

2 thoughts on “Review Update: Cyclone Slider 2 WordPress Plugin

  1. Excellent review. I like this slider and it's very user friendly. I'm just experimenting with it for a future site and I have an issue that perhaps you can help me with. I would like to remove the date that's on the top left of slider, but can't seem to locate where to remove it. Any help would be great.

    Thanks again for the great review.

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