RESULTS : Feb 2016 Profits & Ad Spend Shown from Pay Per Call Marketing | Pay Per Call Exposed

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Hi everyone this is Raj from and today what I want to do is actually show you a real walk through of my accounts from the pay per call network accounts to showing my actual campaigns to showing my campaigns in Google ad words plus Bing ads and showing you how you can make money with pay per call and show you it’s all real. I reference a lot of screen caps on my site like this one here that lies behind it.

So let me go to my first account, so this is a live pay per call account, again today is February 22nd 2016 as and per my calendar here. I’ve chosen here for every first to 22nd of 2016 and here is my account, this is one of my many accounts. Pay per call and what I want to…


  1. FYI: On your site, the 2nd level of the dropdown menu describing the content, pops out to the right when I hover. This ends up pushing it off the screen & is unreadable.

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