Responsive WordPress Themes – Make Sure Everything is Responsive

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Do you have a responsive wordpress theme?
Is everything on display responsive?

For the past few years I’ve only used responsive themes and if you’re not using them you should be. But just because you’re using a responsive theme, it doesn’t mean that everything becomes responsive.

In this random video that I decided to create tonight, you can see a few different examples of non-responsive items. My point is that you should always check to make sure your site is user friendly for mobile traffic.

The video plugin mentioned that was seen on my new site is one of the great product found of think it’s called the Clever youtube plugin.

One thought on “Responsive WordPress Themes – Make Sure Everything is Responsive

  1. Responsive WordPress Themes
    I'm a big fan of responsive themes and always use them, but it's so easy to add/insert something on your site that's not responsive and mess up the user experience for your smart phone viewers.

    In this random video I wanted to show you a few examples of responsive sites with non-responsive items.

    +Jennifer Ledbetter I guess you could call this a strange plug for that site. I did submit a ticket to your support about this too.

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