Rent A Serp – Demo of Rent A Serp WordPress Theme for Local SEO

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WARNING: According to the developers, Rent-A-Serp will NOT BE SOLD after 6/20. The links will stop working any minute. If you are interested, this is literally the last chance..

This is a demonstration of the Rent-A-Serp theme and Rent-A-Serp plugin being installed in WordPress.

The video proves this is one of the easiest yet most professional and effective WordPress themes of all time and definitely the best release in Local SEO history!

Here are the steps I took:

1. Installed Rent-A-Serp Theme and Plugin through WordPress

2. Created my own custom logo and found a royalty free header image to replace the default images from the demo theme.

3. Added Title, Meta keywords, and Meta description for SEO

4. Copy/paste my links for Social Network integration

5. Found a relevant Youtube video and copy/paste link

6. Copy/paste testimonials

7. Customize the Call to Action form (if you want) and enter your phone number…

4 thoughts on “Rent A Serp – Demo of Rent A Serp WordPress Theme for Local SEO

  1. I bought RAS but there is no real training for this software. Do you create 1 wordpress site and create a single page for each client? Or do you create several wordpress sites, each site revolving around 1 niche with a separate page for each client? I didn't get the 14 Day Landlord OTO but it's still available to purchase. Is it worth it?

  2. I found your video through your review site. I thought it contained some great information! I would like to get started in local seo myself. 

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