Quick And Seamless WordPress Migrations With All-In-One WP Migration

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Hey guys, Anthony here with another WordPress QuickTip

Today, I will be talking about migrating your WordPress site. Migrations can be a big hassle from moving images and posts, it takes a lot. Luckily, there is a plugin called “All-In-One WP Migration” that will do all of this for you. There is a import and export button, and what it does is export a zip file, and through import, take in the zip file and migrate all of your content for you. It’s a very easy plugin. Let’s get started!

Click on “Add New Button” and type in “All-In-One Migration”. First one is the one you want, and click “install now”. Activate the plugin, then look on the sidebar and look for “Site Migration” and click the “Export” button. Once you get here, export the site. The download will start and export your database, images, and posts. Once the download is done, the zip file will appear.

Then, install the plugin on the new site created…

41 thoughts on “Quick And Seamless WordPress Migrations With All-In-One WP Migration

  1. I just want to move the content of my blog (Posts and Comments). I don't want to import the theme and such, though. (I just spent hours, setting the new one up.) I'm migrating from WordPress.com to wordpress.org. Will this help me as well? If not: Any suggestions how to import just what I need? Thanks in advance

  2. Hey! I am looking to migrate content from a staging site to the live site, but the live site already has a LOT of content and plugins. Thus, can I export to the live site in a way that will overwrite the existing content? I hope this question makes sense. Thanks!

  3. This plug in is really awesome.
    It doesn't export as a zip file anymore though. It's a *.wpress file that you can't open.
    Keep in mind that the free version only supports up to 512 MB file. Then you need to buy a 59$ extension to backup up to 5 GB.
    There are also 79$ extensions to be able to export to each cloud services (which includes the "Unlimited" extension that bypass the free version 512 MB limit). The downside is that you have to buy a 79$ extension to be able to upload to EACH cloud service : 79$ for Dropbox + 79$ to Google Drive and so on. Although you can just take the "Unlumited" extension, download the backup file on your computer and then upload it manually to Dropbox or whatever you want.

    The good point is that it's extremely easy to use and works very well. I did't find any other backup plug-in that is so simple and that lets you import for free (Updraft Plus lets you backup, but not restore for free).

  4. Installed & Network-activated this plug-in, immediately noticed it's not showing up in the left nav panel (??). Contacted ServMask support, who had this to say:
    You have mentioned that you activate our plugin from your Network Admin page, I am afraid you will need our Multisite Extension to be able to use the plugin on your network since version 4.17 (our free version) is only for a single install.

    With a contorted face of confusion, I replied back

    'All-in-One WP Migration is the only tool that you will ever need to migrate a WordPress site.' This is what I was led to believe is what I needed to migrate my AWS site down to my laptop for debugging. One-for-one. Are you really saying that for single-site migration I need ServMask's Multisite extension?

    I think my last question is yes – are all you others out there running MultiSite for US $170? Also – there was no option to just activate – only option was network activation, which according to ServMark means you need to buy their MultiSite Extension – did everybody encounter network-activation as the only choice?

  5. need help, when i click on export button export process started but after %100 while database export it showed error such as: "General Error : 2006 MySQL server has gone away" i tried 5-6 time but same error shows. my database size is 158MB on shared hosting. what should i do now?

  6. would this work if I had 1 site and just wanted to change my hosting to different hosting provider ? but still want to keep everything my post, users, theme, plugins etc

  7. Since your not replying to any questions here, I will only say why would I want to change the url of my site only to make a duplicate copy of it? Maybe someone else can answer that. What is gained by changing the url?

  8. I now have the "white screen of death". Appears you are not answering any questions. Who will be answering?

    "If you have any questions on that, please leave a comment below."

  9. My version of your software does not work as shown in the video.  I do not get a .zip file shown in chrome that I can download somewhere.  The software seems to save the file on the original website as a backup file.  I want to transfer or export the file from the first website to a second website in my sandbox.  Cannot seem to make that happen…

  10. I just imported a Website and It worked however content was missing, do I need to edit the wp-config file so It can point to the right path?

  11. @TheWordPressGuy Great video, just a quick question though , what if the old site is fully completed with content, will It cause any problems  once I import the new Website?

  12. Thanks for making this tutorial!  I've been using Duplicator for a long time and recently started having issues with it on GoDaddy.  My client's site was down for 2 hours today while I was trying to use Duplicator to migrate from my development server.  This plugin saved me today!  Thanks man!

  13. I was so close and so excited…but I have this message:
    (    One or more database tables are unavailable. The database may need to be repaired.    )  

    I click 'repaired' and I get this message:
    (    To allow use of this page to automatically repair database problems, please add the following line to your wp-config.php file. Once this line is added to your config, reload this page.

    define('WP_ALLOW_REPAIR', true);    )

  14. I will be migrating a site from my local drive to a host that already has a wordpress site running on it.
    Will this plugin overwrite the existing wordpress site or do I need to perform a clean install of wordpress on the host server? The old site will be backed up before I migrate the new files.

  15. OMG that was a lot easier than the manual hassle. Note that, according to the version used in the video it supports up to 500mb, so if your site is larger than this you might have to do it manually or get the unlimited (i guess paid version) of the plugin.

  16. Thanks a lot for this quick demonstration. I'm still a bit confused on how easy it looks. So does this plugin also migrate child themes that I created and all the other plugins  I installed on my localhost? And after migrating there's nothing else I have to take care of? 

  17. What are the exact steps for a Multisite being imported to the same site address?
    I imported it to the old site and then built an new domain in go daddy c panel and then installed WP on that same domain as the old site. is the next step to add that plugin to the new same hosting site and import the zip?

  18. Thank You!  I've been putting new clients on Godaddy Managed WordPress hosting but can use Duplicator Plugin anymore because you can't connect to the database from outside the installation (at least I haven't found a way) and Duplicator won't work.  I just had to move a site manually today by moving the files and then manually changing the database tables and manually search and replace the domain names.  I wish I watched your video this morning  I'm going to try this on my next move.  Thanks!  This is a great solution for me.

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