Part 8 – WordPress Theme Development – Activate Custom Theme Support Options

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How to build a Premium Theme for WordPress – Lesson 8
How to Activate Custom Theme Support Options

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11 thoughts on “Part 8 – WordPress Theme Development – Activate Custom Theme Support Options

  1. Hello Alessandro

    Firstly, thank you for this good tutorials
    I have one big question for you..
    Why we create all these function for posts? When we write ——– > add_theme_support('post-formats',array('aside','image','video')); < this code inside function.php directly , without any theme-support.php we can add posts what we want.

    Is it true?

  2. Hey man, for some reason when I try to use a _ instead of a – on the variable "alecaddd_sunset" it gives me an error saying that I dont have permission to view that page. But if I use "alecaddd-sunset" for example it works fine. Im just wondering whats the problem here. This problem occurred when you first created the actual variable but I ignored it and used the – symbol instead of _ symbol.

  3. In theme-support.php file the code could be simplified to:
    $options = get_option('post_formats');
    if (!empty($options)) {
    add_theme_support('post-formats', array_keys($options));
    Thanks a lot for great tutorials!

  4. Hi alessandro,

    thanks again for the tutorial.
    I use OOP-way for me to get away with clashing function names. I convert all functions
    as a class method.
    I pass PHP anonymous functions that contains private class method to wordpress hooks.
    I also place slug names in a class property to get away from mistyped slugs or ids / slug boilerplate?.

    I dont know it its right, anyway my codes still works.

    Keep it coming. thanks thanks thanks again. :)

  5. Alessandro, again a very insightful tutorial! Grazie Mille!
    I've mentioned it before, but your a very good 'teacher'. By explaining all the steps, instead of copy paste code (as seen in all other tuts), you give us more insight in the backbone of the app. Especially your willingness to show us what can go wrong and how to solve this is golden!

    I wish I could support you, some more but at this point I can't. sorry about that.

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