Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster (.39s Load Time)

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1. gtmetrix: 0m17s
2. fast hosting: 2m07s (shared hosting is slow, upgrading can make a huge difference. Plenty of options out there but I prefer SiteGround’s semi-dedicated GoGeek Plan and they will migrate your hosting for free (see speed difference:
If your budget is…
-$12.45/month use Bluehost Optimized WordPress Hosting
-$14.95/month use Siteground Semi-Dedicated GoGeek
-$29/month use WP Engine
-$60/month use SiteGround Cloud
3. w3 total cache: 3m36s (longer process, refer to my tutorial:
4. find large plugins: 7m06s
5. image optimization: 11m29s
6. wp-optimize: 19m10s
7. remove query strings from static resources: 21m45s
8. cache gravatar images: 22m14s
9. watch that social sharing plugin: 22m57s
10. lazy load your pages: 23m34s
11. delete unused themes: 24m24s
12. add expires headers: 24m40s
13. don’t use…

10 thoughts on “Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster (.39s Load Time)

  1. can you help me, remove query string plugin is not working 🙁
    i have also tried by adding this code to my function.php file of my theme,
    i have write this full function with its body , can't write full code here, also tried all different functions like that,
    but still query strings are not removed 🙁
    can you tell me is CDN necessary for this?

  2. Loved it. Really helped, but my website is just still not fast enough. Originally i had it at 10 sec now its at 6, but sometimes I try it and it goes to 18 sec. I really would appropriate some some tips. My website is called Thanks

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