Learn How to Add MicroPayment Support to Your WordPress Downloads Tutorial

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Video Transcript:

Sam here from creative minds. In this video we are discussing the download manager micropayment integration, which adds a virtual currency layer to your download directory infrastructure, which means that when a user downloads or uploads a file, such as a music file or software zip file, they will be charged a specific amount of points that will be deducted from their virtual wallet.

After installing both the micropayments and the downloads manager plugins, the first thing you will need to do in order to complete the integration is go to the micropayments settings and add point values. Here you can determine exactly how many points are worth a certain amount of any currency. The default is US dollars. For example, we have points values at 100 for 1 us dollar and 500 for 5 us dollars. You can also easily add as many other points values as your like. This is the virtual…

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