Interactive Real Estate Investing Websites

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Database-driven web sites that run real estate investing, controlled from a virtual back office.

The front end is free of any maintenance. If you can point and click, you can run your real estate investing business from these web sites even if you are new to computers

1) Adaptable to suit your business model – convert it as you like with a few clicks whether you:

a) Buy houses – Pre-educates motivated sellers so they see only you as a polished professional with solutions to their problems and delivers pre-screened and pre-negotiated motivated sellers

b) Sell houses – Property listing manager on your back office makes it a snap to sell houses. It automatically builds your buyers list for you

c) Attract private money – Convinces private money investors that their money is safely invested with you – and you get cheap, easily accessible cash to invest in your business

d) Wholesaling / Flipping Houses – If you wholesale houses, this web site allows you to convert it to…

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