How To Use WordPress as a CMS

Video is ready, Click Here to View × – In this video tutorial I demonstrate how to use wordpress as a content management system (CMS).

24 thoughts on “How To Use WordPress as a CMS

  1. I have my css saved in a separate file as well as all my images, I followed the video but how can I get the separate files to work with the new template??

  2. OK, just asking because I am really hoping to utilize the info in this tutorial shortly…But is this all still valid after four years? I ask because everything seems cool up until I get to "taking the code from the page.php" part…..I see no file named this in the default wordpress files. Has anyone been able to follow this video lately and have the steps come out all valid and working??? If anyone knows of a newer tut on how todo this, I'd be greatly appreciative!!! Thanks!

  3. I find this to be one of the most helpful videos I have found but I am stuck on something. I tried to do this for a site I was working with locally but it did not pull in my images references from my image file. In my markup i have <img src="/images/csslv-logo2.png"alt="CSS Logo" /> but it pulls in broken. Any ideas on how to fix this? Perhaps you could create another tut on the initial setup for this? Thanks!

  4. Hey, thanks for the video.
    I put the the homepage.php in my themes/twentyfourteen folder and I can see my website now, but without the style.css. where shall I put this one and can I also create my own theme?

  5. This is fascinating! I think that's the best explanation on how to set up a WP site that I've ever seen. I've watched other tutorials that make it sounds so complicated that I have no idea where to begin! Lol.

  6. For those with style sheet problems, I have worked out a way to do it, but I can't manage to explain it in YouTube's 500 character comment limit, so I have posted it on an old free test wordpress I made:

    hogofsudhgd [dot] wordpress [dot] com

    Apologies for not fitting it in the comments, I wanted to make sure I explained it well. Hope this helps.

    Also sorry about the strange link, youtube wont let me post it properly.

  7. Your wordpress is likely set to use a theme that you have not stored your template pages to. Try saving them to the content/themes/[theme folder name that is currently active] and then the template option will appear in your dashboard.

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