How to Use CSS3 in WordPress

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Suzette Franck: How to Use CSS3 in WordPress

Speaker: Suzette Franck
January 16, 2016 — In my travels, I have discovered that there is not much documentation on using CSS3 specifically in WordPress. While not many of the new CSS3 modules have reached official recommendation by the W3C, support is very good across all of the latest browsers.
This session will aim to inform, enlighten, and delight attendees with the right way to include CSS in your WordPress theme using child themes or a plugin such as Jetpack, and we will also cover some of the best new features of CSS3 that you can put to work right away.You should have a basic understanding of HTML and some familiarity with CSS.
Learning Outcomes
– Use the Chrome Inspector to inspect HTML and CSS of existing pages
– Create a child theme and add your own CSS to it
– Install a plugin to add custom CSS to your theme
– Enqueue your own stylesheet the proper way in functions.php
– Use the new CSS3…

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