How to Start Blogging Using Kalatu WordPress Theme Best of 2015

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How to Start Blogging using Kalatu WordPress vs Godaddy Hosted WordPress Click for detailed article on how to start blogging with more tips and tricks!

Here for more indepth it Kalatu WordPress Blogging system –

Today I am going to show you how to start blogging! In the video above, I break down different products and services including the new Kalatu WordPress theme everyone is talking about in the blogging community,

I mainly explain about different wordpress themes I own and use on a Godaddy unlimited hosting plan and why I use it. I also go through some of the issues I had concerning domain purchases and technicalities of web lingo.

I share with you how free wordpress looks like compared to different themes and the ease of using your new Kalatu wordpress blogging system compared to the other WordPress and CSS themes.

I share with you also the difficulty and technicals of each…

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