How To Start A WordPress Blog | A Step by Step WordPress Tutorial

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How To Start A WordPress Blog, Step by Step Tutorial!
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This tutorial video will show you How To Start A WordPress Blog, step by step. This will be what is known as “a self-hosted blog” using the .org version of WordPress. (rather than a free blog using the .com version of WordPress)

I will guide you through every step of the way, and do it in a way that anyone should be able to understand! So join me as we use WordPress to start a successful blog together!

According to, here are 5 reasons to start a blog today!

1. Blogging Nurtures Ideas
2. Blogging Helps You Shape Your Vision
3. Blogging Helps You Build An Audience
4. Blogging (Can) Make You An Industry Expert
5. Blogging Teaches You New Skills
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One thought on “How To Start A WordPress Blog | A Step by Step WordPress Tutorial

  1. Excellent! One thing more I want to know how can we add new setting regarding any product sale from this blog site like e book. And if I want to collect e mail addresses by giving something free like a small e book then how can I do setting?
    I have watched other videos and your video is superb! Thanks a lot!
    One thing more, can I use the same steps in blue host domain? Again thanks a lot!

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