How To Set Up A Social Network And Community In WordPress With Buddypress And bbPress

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Running your own social network can be confusing and very complex to set up, but it doesn’t have to be. Buddypress was created to give you a simple way to bring WordPress user profiles to the front-end. This gives members the ability to view their profile information and interact with network components that are necessary to engage on your site.

Buddypress has several features that are designed for communications and interaction.

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38 thoughts on “How To Set Up A Social Network And Community In WordPress With Buddypress And bbPress

  1. Hello Sir!
    I have a problem I created all as you say but when I create a group or activate a user through the link by mail then this is not working and this message shown

    Not Found

    The requested URL /awebdoctor/activate/70f608f5e33380d73f00305e1957cdcf/ was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    So please Guide me and tell me the solution

    Asghar Ali

  2. Ive been using optimizepress theme and Optimizemember …. and as im doing more research it looks like there are some compatibility issues in terms of display….

    site is currently pretty basic… all graphics were designed by me…. so i can take the content anywhere… think i should change to a different theme?

  3. how about that…. Here i am searching ways to expand my site for my clients… and as Im deciding to use buddy press, I start to look into tutorials …. and out of all the tutorials in the world that have been made, I choose one of the top 5 that google picked for me …. and wouldn't you know it…. Its a tutorial made by a guy that I actually know, who lives in the same area as me….. how cool is that!

    Congrats man… looks like people are loving this tutorial… looking forward to using this!

  4. Great tutorial very detailed thank you! I had a quick question, for Buddypress is it possible to set up accounts where users can also upload photos? My friend wants to do a website where users can register for an account then upload their various artwork? Would you recommend Buddypress for something like this or would another plugin work better? Thanks again…

  5. Hi Seth Riley.This video has really been educative. I want to create a wordpress website that has all the functionality of buddypress for my members but also I want the bbpress forum to be integrated as the blog of the website where I can post blog content that will serve as the discussion thread for all the registered members.if possible it want the blog post to retain the title including the thumbnail pictures posted alongside with it. co-authors will be billed periodically, as such they will have access level that free members wont be granted. free members can only comment but will have a profile as well.I want a page that will display detail information of the paid members that anyone can contact directly which can contain their profile pictures.and lastly, I wan to know how to display sponsored content on the social or forum page that will service the functions of the blog like I said earlier…I would be very grateful for any useful information regarding the all mentioned above.thanks

  6. what is a good plugin when trying to make like a forum where only paid subscribers can view?? any ideas? basically i want to set up a paid subscription plan on my site where only people that have paid can see the actual content in the forum

  7. I am creating a social network site with the help of

    I want to resize the boxes of "search member" / "Last

    active" on Members page & also the "Username" & "Password"

    boxes in the Buddypress Login widgets in sidebar.

    How can I change the coding in php file & which file?


  8. I just tried to activate buddypress & it crashed my website.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_is_user_inactive() in /home/ 'admin name' /public_html/ 'website name' .com/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-core/bp-core-caps.php on line 364

    Ever seen this before?

    I removed the plugin through my cPanel & the site is live again.

  9. Hi Seth,

    Thank you for an interesting and useful video that was very helpful for me!

    I am building a website with X and the site will contain a network/community part where it should be possible to register profiles, connect to other users, start groups, chats, forums etc.

    I have installed BuddyPress and BBpress but am not fully satisfied with the layout.. Now I am not sure if it is possible to change things in the existing layout by myself or if it is necessary to have another plugin/theme for doing this?

    Maybe there is a good plugin to use or maybe I should create a separate site for the network/community part and use another theme than X with BuddyPress/BBpress?

    Do you have any recommendation/experience?

    I really appreciate your help!

    Kind regards, Johanna

  10. Hi Seth, fist, thanks for the tutorial 🙂 I've set up BuddyPress on a project I'm working on and I have an issue that I can't solve.

    BuddyPress has a GROUPS function. Once activated, users can create groups and chat together. Since I'm creating a video game website, groups is a nice feature for clans and players teams. But for some reason I can't understand, the CREATE A GROUP button won't show up no matter what. (Actually, same issue with BBpress with the CREATE A TOPIC button).

    I'm using a theme named GAUGE. I've tried to use TWENTY FIFTEEN theme just to check if it works but no. So doesn't seem to be theme related bug.
    I've also tried to remove all plugins except BuddyPress/BBPress. Same thing. No Create a group or topic button.

    Have you encounter that kind of issue? Maybe someone here got the same issue???

    My BuddyPress is 2.3.4 and BBPress is 2.5.8 under WordPress 4.3.1

  11. Just wondering if you might could answer a question for me….I am so so frustrated…almost ready to put up my WordPress website…I am stuck because my BBPress forum won't work correctly…I have Buddypress installed and it is working correctly but the BBPress forum is not…I created a "Forum" page just as shown in many tutorials I have seen and done all of that but my "Forum" page just shows up blank…even after created dummy forums and dummy topics to see how the process works….the Forum page continues to be blank when it should have something showing the Forums I have created as well as topics and replies showing up….but it shows up nothing…I am wondering if it is something with my theme or if I have to break into the code…confused and frustrated…any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks….

  12. I need help. Could we message/talk? I'm so serious. I don't find Buddypress to be user friendly as of now.

    I don't understand why when I click "plug ins" on I get redirected to buy more services.
    Can I not use buddypress for free?

    Their customer service is awful!

  13. Just a gentle suggestion for you, Seth. The full first half of this video is "What are the features of BuddyPress and BBPress", not "How to set up a social network". I'm thankful for the trouble you went to in order to put this together. That said, in the future if you make similar videos, this really is two separate topics and should be different videos.

  14. With buddy press, is there a way that you could display notifications without the admin bar? I mean the admin bar makes the website look less appealing if you know what I mean. Oh and in regards to themes, I design my themes via Template Toaster software

  15. Heyy Seth,
    Thank you for the video is really helpful! I have a question, I had installed Buddypress 2.3.3 and bbpress 2.5.8 as per your guidance, but when I go to Appearance and choose customize, I dont see the bbpress tab and the bbpress menu up into the right. Could you help me to fix that ?

    Thank you. :)

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