How to SEO your WordPress Website using Yoast

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In this video we optimise posts & pages for search engines like Google by using the fantastic Yoast SEO plugin. We also setup an XML sitemap on WordPress and upload and submit it to Google Webmaster Console. One of many videos on Search Engine Optimisation (Optimization) for WordPress.

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19 thoughts on “How to SEO your WordPress Website using Yoast

  1. Hey +WP Eagle, yoast slows down most WordPress websites by 10 -20 %, so I tend to not to use it for a client that wants a very fast page, however the sitemap is very useful… any other plugins that do site maps ?

  2. So I submitted my site map and its pending but there is an 404 error under issues. What do I do next? Wow never mind I figured it out. Thanks anyways and thanks for this very helpful video of yours.

  3. Thanks for your reply.
    -It changes the main menu, but not the top menu, I dont know why.
    Anyway, I got another ques: Are there any theme where I can use for affiliate program and also for my own product, like hybrid theme.


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